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Getting ready for school can be exciting and stress-free. Make a checklist and follow the desires of little geniuses at your Supernova. The perfect back to school picks are here. 

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Textbooks and workbooks. The perfect school bag, slippers, notebooks, colourful pencils and more! You are done in no time when outstanding high quality school supplies are all available in one place.

From the very first school days to high school and everything you need while studying at university, Supernova always brings inspiration for a perfect study session. Choose the most popular school bag kids will love to carry every day, trendy notebooks and best quality office supplies.

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The school bag is packed and ready for new knowledge. All you need is just a spark – a new wardrobe to let you shine on your first day of school. And every day following.

We’ve got you. To make a statement for the new school year, Supernova has the most amazing back to school fashion ready for you. For kids, teens and adults, the choice is overflowing with great statement pieces and designs.

Jeans is a classic. And this season you can find it everywhere. From pants to jackets, shirts and even jeans sneakers. Style it with high quality T-shirts in natural materials, soft sweaters and do not forget about a light jacket or a fashionable parka.

Little ones will find the cutest styles in specialised kids’ stores, while teenagers can get crazy shopping for their signature style at every single fashion store.

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An amazing gift for the first day of school and all achievements coming after. The Supernova Gift Card brings joy and further motivation for higher goals.

Choose your favourite design among the wide selection of trendy gift cards at your nearest Supernova or visit our website to create your very own unique gift card. You can top up the Supernova Gift Card with the amount of your choice, from 10 to 300 €, which can be used gradually, in different stores and other businesses at 19 Supernova shopping centres across Slovenia.

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