Each Supernova shopping center is a part of the local community. 

This is why we strive to not only improve society and local environment, but also give back through different sustainable and donation projects. 

Below are some of the project we feel proud to create or be a part of.

We became Santa Claus for a Day

Holidays are even sweeter when you bring joy to someone. That's why this year at Supernova, we joined the 'Santa Claus for a Day' initiative and brought happiness to those who need holiday magic the most with 10.000 € in Supernova Gift Cards.

Together with the Foundation 364, the main driving force behind the initiative ‘Santa Claus for a Day’, which has been collecting generous donations for people in need for 12 years, we have surprised 36 families with a Supernova Gift Card. Whether for a festive dinner, gifts, or some relaxing moments, we hope to have brightened their holidays even just a little bit. We also donated some gift cards to the team at the Foundation 364 so they can supplement the received gifts for children and seniors with clothes, personal care items, toys, or sweets in case any Santa forgot about them.

It is an immense joy to see smiles shine brighter than all the lights on our Christmas tree.

For children with rare diseases

It's always difficult when life knocks you down. But it's even harder when it affects children. In support of the little fighters facing rare diseases, we at Supernova have sponsored the grand charity concert Viljem Julijan.

The all-Slovenian gala charity concert Viljem Julijan is the largest charitable event in Slovenia dedicated to supporting children with rare diseases and their families. It features numerous prominent names from the Slovenian and international music scenes, and all the funds raised are intended for donations to help these young warriors.

As the sponsor of the concert, we have donated Supernova Gift Cards, which the Viljem Julijan foundation will distribute to children with rare diseases, thereby making their day-to-day challenges easier, at least to some extent.

Getting new school supplies for kids

Back to school should be carefree and full of joy for every kid.

During summer we connected with the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje (ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje) and started a charity initiative at Supernova shopping centres across Slovenia to collect as many school supplies as possible for children from deprived families.

In times when school supplies get more expensive by the day, we joined our forces and helped children get new notepads, pens, rulers, slippers, and everything they need for school.

Every year, the AFY Ljubljana Moste-Polje brings essential supplies to over 200 kids across Slovenia. We are extremely happy to be part of the movement. Besides the collected supplies, Supernova donated Supernova Gift Cards that will help the AFY Ljubljana Moste-Polje get even more back-to-school shopping done for children in need.

Helping flood victims with additional donation

The Supernova Group allocated an additional donation of 75.000 € to Ljubljana residents from Sneberje, who got massively hit by recent floods in Slovenia.

The donation is going to be managed with transparency, purpose and efficiency through the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje (ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje).

This adds up to the previous donation of 100.000 € to the Red Cross immediately after the catastrophic natural disaster.

Supernova with a quick response donation of 100.000 € to help flood victims

The recent catastrophic floods have brought Slovenia and its residents a massive challenge requiring whole-hearted solidarity among us. Thank you to all the amazing firemen, soldiers, the national guard and many volunteers for their immediate and selfless help.

To help mitigate the consequences of destructive floods, the Supernova Group immediately donated 100.000 € to the Slovenian Red Cross.

The contribution was a first response help to households affected by flooding, to help restore their homes and remove and cleanup in the aftermath of the drastic natural disaster.

Powered by the energy of the sun

11 solar power plants already on Supernova rooftops.

Energy is precious. For all of us. Our Green Energy project helps us follow the right path and create a more sustainable future. As our business is largely dependent on energy, we decided to start placing solar panels on Supernova shopping centres rooftops. In shopping centres, where solar power plants are available, we already source 30 % to 40 % of all energy needed from renewable sources. Our goal is to exploit green energy sources even further by 2030.

Solar power plants are already functioning at Supernova Kamnik, Kranj, Nova Gorica, Maribor, Ptuj, Novo mesto, Maribor Tržaška, Koper and at Supernova Mercator centres in Celje, Novo mesto and Nova Gorica.

Three additional shopping centres are on the wait list for their own solar power plant, namely Supernova Ljubljana Šiška, Supernova Mercator Ajdovščina and Supernova Mercator Postojna.

10.000 € for families in need

In December 2022 we placed a virtual SUPER Christmas tree on our website. Every day, visitors could turn on a light of hope on the tree to make the holiday season more joyful for everyone, even families who could not afford an abundant feast or Christmas gifts.

Every time somebody turned on a light, 1 € was added to a donation fund. We can proudly say that with your help we lit up the whole Christmas tree, up to the top, and collected 10.000 €! The donation was divided evenly on 100 Supernova Gift Cards which were then distributed through the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth (ZPMS) to families in need across Slovenia.

A big thank you to everybody who joined our Christmas activity and helped reach the maximum donation. Your engagement was phenomenal. We hope to reach such amazing feedback in all forthcoming activities.